VAX 11/750 rescued, alas...

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Its not so much the age of the system more how long it is since it last
As minimum isolate the positive terminal and put a meter on ohms range
across it.
As the capacitor charges the resistance will rise. 
If it does then good if not or goes up slowly then change the capacitor.

I rang our old (now retired) DEC branch field service manager and he
said "Turn on a 750 stored for years and with no load on the PSU .. Sure
use a pole about twenty feet long!!"


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On Sunday 07 October 2007, Rod Smallwood wrote:
> That will give you a list of the boards.
> Note of caution do not try to turn it on. The power supplies will need

> some work. You need to reform/replace any electrolytics.

11/750s aren't that old (early 80s), and shouldn't need reforming.  It
appears that William Donzelli agrees with me, and I'm sure he has more
experience with this than I do.

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