choosing a 360k FDD

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Tue Oct 9 06:41:53 CDT 2007

> So, I'm faced with a bunch of 360k floppy drives.  One of them I will put
> in my main desktop machine for replicating floppies for, say, my C64,
> Kaypro, etc.  What should I look for when choosing such a drive?  The best
> specimen I have right now was taken from a Morrow Micro-Decision.
> According to the tag, it's a "TEC FB-503".  Can someone tell me something
> about this?

I've had "not the greatest" luck with TEC drives. Out of the 4-5 I've
come across in recent years, I've had two failures. In both cases the
drive simply can no longer read - schematics and technical info. have
been non-existant. (btw, one was from a Micro-Decision, the other was
a single-sided variant of the same drive from a Nabu cable computer).

[Really annoying thing about the TEC/Nabu - the TEC drives have the
 data connector on the opposite side from "most everyone else", and
 the Nabu drive enclosure uses a circuit board behind the drive with
 really short (ie: 2 inches) data cables - impossible to use another
 drive without modification]

I've had excellent results with TEAC FD-55B for 360k drives. The
Panasonic drives have worked well for me also.


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