AED (was PDP-11 graphics products)

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Oct 10 13:27:37 CDT 2007

 > Years ago, I had an AED 767, which I suppose was a cross between a
 > graphics subsystem and a graphics terminal.

 > Has anyone else worked on those?

I worked at AED from 84 - 86 and was the architect of the AED 1280, which
was their last graphics terminal.

The 767 is a modification of the AED 512 which used 64k instead of 16k
DRAMs and 4x the frame buffer space. The original designers of the 512
did their own version called the Jupiter 7. It has a 6502 processor and
an RS232 or 'AED' (parallel intf, the same as the AED 3100 floppy ctlr)
parallel interface. I still have most of the docs/firmware for these.

AED terminals were popular with chip designers. The Berkeley CAD tools
suite supported them, as well as VTI.

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