Working with collections (was Re: SGI Onyx - Three Phase to Two Phase conversion)

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Oct 10 18:48:26 CDT 2007

> And you're right.  Even those (and I include myself here) who do run
> their classics spend most the time working with a very small part of
> their collection.

Well, FSVO "very small" and "working with".

At last count I had somewhere between 60 and 70 computers.  Only a few
of them are off-topic here, and even them, only by the 10-year rule,
which has been repeatedly said by our listowner to be but a rough

I currently have 15 of them up and running.  That's between 1/4 and
1/5, which seems a little large to be "a very small part".  However, I
could rarely be said to be "working with" more than about four of them
at any given time, and even that much only if you count things like the
router that's forwarding packets or the NFS sever the diskless machine
is using as being machines I'm "working with".

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