TSX on RL02 pack?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Oct 10 19:46:19 CDT 2007

Charles wrote...
> Now I know nothing about TSX but do those filenames sound like it
> might be that operating system?
They are part of the operating system for sure. I haven't booted mine up for 
a while, so I don't recall if that's all of it.

> I tried to boot from the pack but
> instead it came up in RT11SJ. What have I got here?
TSX doesn't boot from "bare metal". It requires RT-11 there to boot. Once 
RT-11 boots, then you run TSX. At that point, TSX replaces most all of RT-11 
with itself - I don't think it leaves much of RT11 if any (in memory) after 
it loads.

So... after RT-11 boots, do "R TSX"

To modify accounts... "R TSAUTH"

Jay West 

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