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Thu Oct 11 13:31:02 CDT 2007

>Subject: Re: DEC RSX-11
>   From: Holger Veit <holger.veit at>
>   Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 09:48:20 +0200
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>Allison schrieb:
>- some of the resident libraries are missing/not INStalled (because on 
> that turn-key application there were not required)

Exactly the case.

>Was [7,*] also privileged? I am not sure anymore after several years. 
>The point may be though that
>the password file is actually owned by [1,2] - in this case you might 
>not be able modify it from [7,21].

It was sufficient to perform ACNTRES actions.

>>> for one set.
>> Very helpful, save for Acrobat say the files are corrupt for any of the more 
>> useful ones and crashes for manuals over 25MB.
>I had downloaded them, as well as the ones at John Dundas's site, and 
>did not find corruptions. The files
>at the Australian computer museum are large, though; the first thing I 
>did was to compress them with an
>Adobe Acrobat. There it should have been detected if they were corrupt. 

Firefox was used to do the download.

My Adobe says files are corrupt and when it attempts to repair the system
bluescreens (NT4/sp6 NO MS web apps).

The smaller files, those around or under 10mb seem fine.

>So I guess its you having some transfer problem.

May be the case but ??>? Or Acrobat reader V5.05 is broken.

>> I'm not sure anything useful other than a "Pregen"ned system is on 
>> the disk as I havent found any languages.
>Hmmm, to sysgen a new system, the installation set is required. One 
>indicator you might have sysgen stuff
>on the system is the presence of some [200,200]SYSGEN*.CMD scripts, and 
>the current configuration
>should be in [200,200]SYSSAVED.CMD;*

Not there. [200,200] is mostly empty and the supporting directories are
as well.  There are less than 12000 blocks used on a RD52(~64000 blocks).


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