The use of Plexiglas for mounting PCBs

Richard A. Cini rcini at
Thu Oct 11 16:04:45 CDT 2007

This is encouraging. I like working with plastics; I think this is going to
work out nicely. Thanks for the help.

On 10/11/07 11:48 AM, "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at> wrote:

> On 11 Oct 2007 at 11:06, Richard A. Cini wrote:
>>     I want to use a sheet of Plexiglas to make a case for my KIM-1.
>> Fabrication isn¹t a problem, but I wanted to open it up for discussion about
>> any static electricity issues. Should I be concerned about using Plexi for
>> this project or what recommendations do y¹all have for mitigating the
>> possibility of damage.
> I've used acrylic for decades to package projects--it's easy to work
> using power tools and joints are invisble when the appropriate
> solvent cement is used.
> I've never had a static electricity problem with it.  Thicker
> material is probably better to use than thinner--most of my work has
> been with 3/8"-1/4" material.
> If you don't mind tinted casework, you can even get acrylic with a
> metallized film surface.  If youi're VERY nervous, there are spray-on
> antistatic solutions that can be used.
> Personally, I'd be more worried about wall-to-wall carpeting.  I've
> killed computers with that.
> Cheers,
> Chuck


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