Extracting CDOS and CP/M) files

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On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Dave Dunfield wrote:
> Does each entry represent a cluster? The CDOS manual does have tables
> relating physical sectors to clusters, which can be represented with an
> 8-bit value. These are listed for "large disks" and "small disks", although
> it's not clear where a DSDD 5.25" disk fits (it's large for a 5.25,
> small compared to 8") - I'm guessing the "small disks" means any 5.25,
> but I'd love to be corrected if anyone knows differently.

In CP/M, each entry represents a cluster and "small disk" means
"has fewer than 256 clusters".
roger ivie
rivie at ridgenet.net

In Cromemco-speak, (S)mall usually means 5 1/4 and (L)arge=8"


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