4004 and IC history / was Re: Vintage computer photogallery

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 14 15:14:01 CDT 2007

> On 10/13/07, Roy J. Tellason <rtellason at verizon.net> wrote
> > And what's funny is that there now seems to be some stuff out there that's
> > offering as simple as single gates in a small surface-mount package.
> The first one of those I saw was a single-gate NAND in a 5-pin
> pseudo-SOT-23 package (don't know the proper designation) on a Palm
> Pilot memory board over 10 years ago.  I still have some older Palms
> that might be upgradable, but you need both the RAM chip _and_ an
> extra NAND to fully populate the partially-empty boards.
> No idea where to get just a couple of those these days.  Probably the
> easiest thing is to scrape them off of a Palm SIMM from an old Palm
> with a broken screen.

I don't know if they are still available (I've never looked), but I 
remember reading about some devices in 6-pin SMD paackages that were 
basically single 2-input multiplexers. One type had a non-inerting 
output, like 1/4 or a 74157, the other was inverting, like 1/4 of a 
74158. I thin kthe part numbers contained '157' and '158' but I can't 
really rememebr.

By crafule wiring you could make most of the common 2-input logic gates 
from one or other of these devices.


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