Taken: AT 286 motherboard with mathco

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M H Stein wrote:
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> M H Stein wrote:
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>>> Subject: Re: Taken: AT 286 motherboard with mathco
>>> I think people worked/played more with the computer more back then.
>>> Meaning wrote utilities, improved stuff, changed something, and were
>>> proud if it.
>> Really??? Have you browsed the Internet lately and seen the amount of
>> software & mods out there, and the just wild and crazy things that people 
>> are doing with their PCs? 
> I wasn't talking about repainting the case.
>> Seems to me there are a heck of a lot  *more* 
>> people writing utilities, improving stuff etc. today, and far more complex
>> and sophisticated stuff at that (especially since there's so much more 
>> room for improvement ;-).
> I really don't think so. Go on this modding groups, and check, how much
> background info they really have. They just take a motherboard, put a 
> water cooler on it and wait until it falls apart by over clocking it.
> I was talking about people crawling into their computers with an 
> soldering iron without hurting themselfes ;-)

Half this list[1] is trying to find thier way out ...
You are in a twistly little tape drive ... passages are east, south and up.
  As for the dearth of technical magazines like the old Byte, Kilobaud etc.,
> the same kind of ideas, projects and articles are still out there, only now 
> they're to be found on the internet for free and in a much more convenient 
> form.

Where? DIY audio, 6502's and PIC's I can find. Real projects I

> 'nuff said,
> mike

[1] the other half are the chinese take out deivery people.
[2] They are lost some where inside the front door.
[3] Something other than blinking a led.

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