That poor system/36

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Oct 15 17:31:04 CDT 2007

> Okay, how about I cut down to the point:
> -I'm 17 and have a wicked case of OCD

When I was a little older than you (not having learnt to drive, and in 
fact still not having learnt to drive), I carried minicomputers and their 
peripehrals on trains. I would also routinely read schematic diagrams on 
such journeys...

> -I like old electronics


> -I use a 5 1/4" floppy drive on a normal basis

My main PC has a 5.25" drive. I've got a couple from an HP desktop 
machine going on the bench soon for a full overhaul and alignment.

> -I like things that have blinkenlites and make cool whirring noises

Check. I have a PDP8/e on my desk.

> -I have passed notes written in hex to a friend in class ("what are you doi=
> ng at lunch?")

Yep. And read paper tape by eye...

> Just owning a computer like this would complete my childhood.
> Yes, I am a very strange person indeed. :P

You're really going to fit in here :-)


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