Underclock a Pentium/Overdrive/486

dwight elvey dkelvey at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 14 11:07:43 CDT 2007

> From: grant at stockly.com> > I'm wondering about underclocking a pentium. I've read about running > Windows XP on a Pentium Overdrive underclocked to 8MHz with 20MB RAM.> >
 Most current processors use PLLs to create the actual clock that
runs the processor. While one can change things digitally with
jumpers that change the dividers coming out of the PLLs there
is not a lot that can be done with changing the reference clock.
The PLLs will lock down to some lower frequencies but it may have
a hard time keeping lock if one dropped it too low.
 I don't know what the pentiums use but the AMD parts use a
200MHz reference. With early K8 stuff, I ran these down to about
a 80MHz clock someplace without things going bad. Below that,
the oscillator wouldn't go any slower.
 I've no idea what todays chips would do.
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