PPS-4...Re: 4004 and IC history / was Re: Vintage computer photogallery

Dan Roganti ragooman at comcast.net
Sun Oct 14 14:54:48 CDT 2007

Brent Hilpert wrote:
> you are but the 2nd person I've ever heard to mention the PPS-4.
> After learning what I did about it I believe that two of my calculators are
> based on it, that is, I've had a PPS-4 system for years but never realised it.

Another area that I frequent is vintage pinball machines. The PPS-4 was 
widely used in another embedded controller design for Gottlieb(Chicago) 
in their first generation digital pinball machines. Although it wasn't 
the first digital pinball in the market, their first digital pinball 
using this design was released in 1977, well after the PPS-4 became 
obsolete, until 1980. Sadly though, it has become uneconomical for most 
pinball collectors to get these CPU boards repaired and instead use a 
replacement board which emulates the embedded software.


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