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Mon Oct 15 06:19:33 CDT 2007

Jules Richardson wrote:
> I suppose real computers have a separate service processor for this 
> kind of thing, so it's easy to put things right even if something does 
> go wrong (plus of course the update can *only* be done from the 
> service processor - not from some rogue code running on the main CPU)
This is exactly what we did on the 5ESS(sort of vintage now) switching 
systems to avoid any glitches to retain the high availability. We always 
designed in  a 2nd coprocessor to preform routine maintenance tasks such 
as downloading new updates into the backup flash in a duplex processor 
system. Then we downloaded the code into the standby processor first and 
switch over to active mode after all the diagnostics checked out. 
Regression tests were a strict priority in any telecom system to weed 
out any of the software faults.


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