Emailing: Universal Floppy reader, was Re Extracting CDOS and CP-M) files

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Thu Oct 18 01:36:21 CDT 2007

Andrew Lynch wrote:
> There has been lots of talk about these universal floppy controller devices
> and I for one would LOVE to see one done but so far nobody has made one
> work.  The closest thing I have seen is either the external floppy drive and
> compaticard combination or the parallel port Backpack external floppy drive
> from Microsolutions.  If anyone actually makes the universal floppy reader,
> please put me down to buy one as well.

I've got what is essentially a USB Catweasel clone, built and tested in a 
'virtual' environment (i.e. fed a Verilog core test data and watched it 
trundle away and work). The schematics are almost completely entered into 
KiCAD, but I haven't started the PCB yet. The Verilog HDL for the controller 
CPLDs (there are two - the Acquisition Controller and the 'IOED' I/O Expansion 
Device that controls the low-speed I/O lines via I2C) is done, aside from the 
inevitable bugs I've missed.

What I need to do is get the schematics done - which is basically adding the 
output buffers and wiring them to the IOED (the ACQCON stuff is already done). 
Then it's PCB design time... I'll probably wire up the prototype with a 
Roadrunner pen.

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