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My memory may be at fault here but that sounds like it. A quad board ...

I can't recall any yellow handles. It did have the standard DEC 20mA ASR
33 conector on a bit of short grey cable hanging off the top of the

Other early sightings at DEC

	VT100 prototype . Wire wrap board mounted on a piece of thick
plywood. Another similar bit of plywood on top with the monitor out of a
VT52 perched on it. A third bit of plywood held the keyboard. A PSU (I
know not whence that came) and an Intel MDS. (8 inch Floppy based in a
blue box.)
So I asked the inevitable 'Why all the wood' 'It doesn't short anything
out came the reply' 

The design of the VT100 was done by one engineer who I met but I cannot
recall his name. The case was the work of an industrial designer. We all
thought the case was really smart

	LA36 prototype another wirewrap wonder with the print mech
screwed to a board.

	LA180 prototype as LA-36 but with the wooden board clamped to
the bench to stop it leaping about.

Rod Smallwood


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> I'm sure I saw a development system at DEC for the 4004 running on a
PDP-8 circa 1975.

I think in its collection, RCS has a DEC Y187 card (the only yellow
handled Flip Chip I have ever seen) that has a 4004 on it.


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