Apple IIGS and my Amdahl

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Fri Oct 19 06:17:07 CDT 2007

  I have to say that I greatly
> underestimated the weight  
> of the system.  Big is one thing, heavy is another.

And the Amdahl has a lot of both :)

I have underestimated the weight of equipment before.
For example, the Burroughs B80. I initially though -
gee, this looks bulky, but it's got a printer in one
side, can't be that heavy - there's all that empty
space. Wrong... The CPU side was crammed full of heavy
transformers and stuff. Getting it in and out of the
van was a huge task. (the getting in part made
immensely easier with a forklift...)

Also, first glance at a CDC disk pack drive and I
figured "well, that probably weighs a good 200 pounds,
can't be that heavy". Well, it was beyond heavy, into
the realm of "are you sure it's not welded to the
floor". Bringing that load (two CDC drives, 5 ft rack,
misc stuff), I managed to split a bushing in one of
the shocks on the van. The worst part was that I
didn't realize just how heavy they were until I got
them home and tried to get them out of the van. They
were loaded with a ramp and a loading dock. And now I
had to somehow get them out...


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