SGI Onyx [was] Re: VAXen at home - 3ph source/MG set?

JP Hindin jplist2007 at
Fri Oct 19 15:04:22 CDT 2007

On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, Robert Borsuk wrote:
> > You know, it's ironic this topic has come up, as I'm currently
> > working on
> > converting my 3ph SGI Onyx to single phase and had looked into
> > static and
> > rotary phase convertors. Having never had any reason to look at one
> > before
> > I started anew - and decided quickly that they did not appear to be
> > safe
> > for computer use.
> Did you ever get your necessary power boards?  I pulled the three
> boards from my stock, I just was trying to get to the front of my
> Onyx to check part numbers for you.  If you got them, I won't bother
> then.

Wow, thanks Rob, I appreciate that. The list got quiet, so I assumed no
one was able to help out.

I've found a guy on Nekochan who is going to sell me the electrical board
that sits in for the CC3 midplane on a single-phase unit, three power
boards (512x2 and two 505x2), a System Controller and a Main I/O breakout
for $115. Although, I have to say, if I can -really- hook up the crazy
machine using three single phase hots, I might save myself some dosh on
the midplane replacement.

I greatly appreciate your time and effort, though, to help out, Rob. I
don't suppose you have an RE2 Graphics I/O breakout, maybe we can still
jive on something?

Thank you!


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