Alternative Hardware Design for Floppy Interface

Doc Shipley doc at
Sat Oct 20 15:36:59 CDT 2007

e.stiebler wrote:
> Doc Shipley wrote:
>> e.stiebler wrote:
>>> Not buying the speed issue ...
>>   I've transcribed 8" and 5.25" disks for pay a few times.  They do 
>> sort of get beamed to my shelf overnight, and the client usually needs 
>> them yesterday.  While I don't mind taking the time it takes to do the 
>> job, I don't want to do it at 19,200 b/s or even 215,000 if I can help 
>> it.
> Sorry, but if you transfer with 215kbit/s, it is faster than reading 
> them ;-)

   Ack.  You're right.  Then again, I've never had a serial connection 
that would actually *do* that....


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