Tandy Logix-Kosmos (was: Re: Ferranti Logical Computor (1951) )

Brian L. Stuart blstuart at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 21 19:43:12 CDT 2007

> > http://oldcomputermuseum.com/logix_kosmos.html
> That was the first one I had - the overlays inside were, IIRC, printed
> tissue paper.

Me too.  I still remember how I would forget that they were not
symmetric, so if you put them in backwards the separators between
the output values and the plastic separators between the  lights
don't line up.

> >         Mine died of corrosion on the contacts, and was (regrettably)
> > trashed, I'm pretty sure.
> I remember the contacts weren't great on the best of days.  I think my
> step-mother threw mine out when she decided my room was too messy.
> :-(

Yeah.  The contacts were my biggest source of frustration.  I probably
would have done a lot more with it, if I hadn't had to wiggle wires
and adjust the contacts for every "program" on it.

Believe it or not, I still have mine.  I even have it upstairs where
I can find it.  Not that I've used it any time recently.

> My only real complaint with it as a teaching tool was that even though
> I did all the projects, there was no abstraction of the underlying
> concepts presented.

I agree.  They also didn't do a good job of clarifying that the
device only implemented combinatorial logic.  As I recall, I got
it before the idea of a stored program really clicked with me.
Unless I missed it, they didn't have a discussion in the manual
that said, this "computer" does this, but real computers also
have memory that stores not only data, but instructions too.


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