SGI workstation sequence

jvdg at jvdg at
Tue Oct 23 09:27:33 CDT 2007

Pete Turnbull wrote:

> The fastest official O2 (I think) is R12000 400Mhz, but there was a DIY 
> RM7000 600MHz upgrade for 300MHz R5ks.

Yeah, that's something to bear in mind; SGI workstations have a plethora of CPU options, so they were available in many configuration from cheap budget machines to high end number crunchers.

The Fastest O2's are O2+'s, but they're really only different in the case colour (purple vs. blue) and the logo (Cube vs. that weird-ass script logo). The R5K O2's can sport anything from R5000PC180 to R7000SC350, the R10K model can be equipped with R10000SC150 through R120000SC400. Unlike Indigo2, however, a different class CPU on an O2 means a different motherboard.


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