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> > 
> > The 5182 is a dot matrix printer with a four color ribbon. Kludge on a 
> > stick.
> Thet idea was not uncommn at the time. DEC made one called the 'LA324' 
> which could take a colour ribbon and mechanically shifted it up and down 
> to change colour. I also rememebr using an Epson printer in the mid 
> 1980s that could take a 'colour kit' which was a motor + mechanical bits 
> to tilt the ribbon. 

The NEC CP6 and CP7 printers (colour variants of the P6/P7) also used such an arrangement - wheels sliding along profiled shafts and small toothed belts to change the height of the ribbon guide on the printer carriage by means of a stepper motor mounted on the chassis. I had the "fun" of repairing a broken guide bridge on mine (had to fit a reinforcement under the crack and reassure it didn't bind or collide with anything).

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