An old dream come true: Iris Indigo!

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Tue Oct 23 10:31:18 CDT 2007

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> > On 22 Oct 2007 at 18:41, Richard wrote:
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> > > Does anyone know how to contact the owner of the domain?
> >
> > Domain Name: IRISINDIGO.COM
> >     Eric        (email)
> Eric is local to me and I've traded with him a bit.  I don't recall
> why irisindigo was abandoned but it was probably for lack of time,
> like most projects.  I do remember him saying he got tired of keeping
> up with the spammers.  Maybe someone else would like to take it on?

If he just locks down account creation to require approval before
accounts are granted and lock down edits so that only those with
registered accounts can edit, it will be fine on its own.  That's what
I suggested in email to him after nuking all the spam.
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