An old dream come true: Iris Indigo!

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On 2007-10-23 21:03, Richard wrote:

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>> On 2007-10-23 0:47, Richard wrote:
>>> The Crimson and Octane are much later in the product line than the
>>> Indigo.
>> Crimson is a peer of Indigo. It is the higher-end workstation from that same
>> period. It was replaced by the RealityStation (single-CPU Onyx) about the
>> time of the Indigo2/Indy.
> My mistake, thanks for the correction!  My SGI knowledge is shaky, but
> I learn more by being corrected :).

We all do.

Here's a nice illustration, the IRIS family tree (unfortunately it ends at
the Onyx2/Octane/O2 era):


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