TRS-80 Reference Site (was rs232 interface for Radio Shack PT210 printing terminal)

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Bob -

Ira Goldklang runs a very comprehensive TRS80 site with a number of resources for the Mod1/3/4 on it.  You can find his website at:


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>David Griffith wrote:
>> I've decided to make a couple serial boards for my Radio Shack PT210
>> terminals so I can have them talk serial.  How many people here have
>> PT210s who'd like a serial board?
>I would like one. Also, this weekend I found on Craigslist, an IBM 5100. 
>When I picked it up,
>I was offered a Radio Shack TRS-80 model one and a model 4. The model 4 
>powers up and
>asks for a diskette. The model one has the expansion box and disk but I 
>don't know which connectors
>to hook the stuff up to. Do you know where I can get a boot disk for the 
>model 4 and manual for the
>model one? Or a web site that shows the connections?

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