jim s jwstephens at
Fri Oct 26 19:21:00 CDT 2007

Al Kossow wrote:

>  > I was wondering if anyone on the list had one of these machines and knew
>  > what parts made the hardware a Gamma-11, as well if anyone had manuals
>  > online that they might share
> I have the manuals scanned, but they aren't on line yet, since it hasn't 
> been
> a high-demand item.
This discussion reminded me of a very interesting series of incident 
documented on the web pages linked to below.  The problem was related to 
control computers which were controlling exposure to patients which were 
being treated with a particle beam from a linear accelerator.  The title 
is the Therac-25 Accidents, if you already are familiar with it.

I don't recall from having not reread this whether this was a PDP-11 
instrument or not, however, but this certainly remindes me of this.


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