Atari ST connectors (was: Atari SIO bus connectors found)

Ensor classiccmp at
Sun Oct 28 20:32:57 CDT 2007


  > Oh, there was a lot of WTF on the ST....

Well, most things can be excused by the fact that it was a "rush job" and 
it's quite surprising what they achieved in such a short time (what was it, 
6 months from start to shop shelf?).

This is why I was so surprised by them inventing their own dialect of SCSI, 
surely it would have been far easier/quicker to implement "normal" SCSI....

  >....For example, why did the 400 and 800 have pretty decent
  >keyboards, yet the more-expensive-and-powerful ST have such an
  >abomination for a keyboard?

Actually, the 400 keyboard was pretty good for a touch keyboard....certainly 
massively better than the Sinclair touch keyboards I'd been used to at the 

That said, my first upgrade to that machine was a real keyboard! :-)

IKWYM about the ST keyboard, it was horrible.

Back then I was developing software for the ST, *ON* the ST, so I quickly 
grew to loath that keyboard. The MegaST's keyboard was no different.

  > The software was pretty good. Did you ever use Magic Sac to
  >emulate a Mac? That was a pretty neat idea.

Errrrrm, I did use a Mac emulator from time to time, but I forget which one 
it was....

I don't think it was "Magic Sac", didn't that one come with a cartridge into 
which you fitted a set of Mac ROMs? I'm pretty sure the one I ran loaded the 
ROMs from disc.

Pretty good as I recall.

  TTFN - Pete.

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