Info about a Mullard Core

Gavin Melville gavin.melville at
Mon Oct 29 16:24:42 CDT 2007

I have had for many years a large core, and while I don't really want to
part with it, I also see what little pieces of core sell for on ebay....
I was told when given this about 15 years ago that it was from a
Burroughs mainframe which was installed at the Cadburys head office in
New Zealand and that they had paid GBP 20,000 for it in 1960.   I have
been unable to find out if this was correct however.   Does anyone on
the list know anything about it ?
pictures at
There are 921600 cores in the array, which is made up of 48x48 cores, 4
to a layer and 100 layers.


Gavin Melville
Senior Engineer
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