WTB/WTT S-100 Chassis (UK/Europe only)

Jim Attfield james at attfield.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 02:38:54 CDT 2007

I'm looking for an S-100 chassis and PSU to house my Cromemco Z80/68000
system as I have given up any hope of sourcing one from the US due to weight
and cost of shipping. Preferably Cromemco Z2/Z2D, I will consider
chassis/PSU only as I already have a Blitz Bus backplane. Willing to trade
if anyone would like, I have e.g. 4-FDC, TU-ART, 32K Bytesaver, some RAM,
8-PIO, ZPU etc. I would also like to snag an IMI 20Mb drive to go with my
WDI-II if anyone knows of any. I'm located in the West Midlands (UK) and can
be reached at james AT attfield DOT co DOT UK. Sorry, no fancy sig just yet

If the shipping cost is right I am happy to consider European sources.


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