IBM 5362

woodelf bfranchuk at
Mon Sep 3 16:47:31 CDT 2007

Chris M wrote:

>  I just had a shipment (SoCal > NE PA). 150 lbs.,
> about 90$. FedEx. BE WARNED. They routinely,
> gratuitously, by necessity it seems beat the living
> hell out of everything. You NEED to have the person
> pack it well. Make that VERY WELL. I can pack
> something that could withstand an H-bomb. Others
> typically don't show the care :(.
>  Granted this wasn't an old puter, but a piece of cast
> iron that arguably was worth 10x what I payed for it
> (300$). I was prepared for the worst, though it just
> might not turn out so bad. You gotta learn as you
> live. 

Well what can it be that is 150 lbs, and worth $3K.
Well it can't be a classic bath-tub ( the best kind ).
You could always ship by Greyhound.
Ben alias Woodelf.

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