IBM 5362

Chris M chrism3667 at
Tue Sep 4 11:32:46 CDT 2007

--- Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:

> On 3 Sep 2007 at 15:47, woodelf wrote:
> > Well what can it be that is 150 lbs, and worth
> $3K.
> > Well it can't be a classic bath-tub ( the best
> kind ).
> > You could always ship by Greyhound.
> > Ben alias Woodelf.
> I've had good results with Amtrak Express for
> medium-to-large 
> packages; Greyhound isn't bad either.

 I didn't realize they shipped large packages/crates.
AAMOF, I wanted to buy something (an old Rivett lathe)
in the Chicago area over a year ago, and Greyhound was
telling me I couldn't even put the thing in the cargo
area. I guess your mileage can vary depending on which
idiot you get on the other end of the tin can.

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