Reverse engineer the MatchPoint PC card?

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at
Tue Sep 4 13:58:47 CDT 2007


Is there any interest in reverse engineering the
MatchPoint PC card?  I have one the cards and it
appears fairly simple.  It is mostly a small number of
74LSXX TTL chips and buffers.  There are a small
number of PALs on the board which pose the biggest
challenge, I think.

An open sourced version of the MatchPoint PC card
design would be a powerful tool for those of us
interested in making disk images of legacy CP/M hard
and soft sector formats.  Of course, it would imply
some software being written as well to be useful
outside of just the Uniform PC software which comes
with it.

Is reverse engineering the MatchPoint PC feasible
and/or worthwhile?  It might be slightly cheaper than
a Catweasel but I doubt it would be as useful or
flexible.  I think the Catweasel ISA is probably a
better deal but they can be hard to get.

Are any of the original MicroSolutions MatchPoint PC
designers still around?  Does anyone own the
MatchPoint PC IP or is it now officially

I would like to hear people's thoughts on the topic. 

Andrew Lynch

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