Reviving DEC RX01 power supply

J Blaser oldcpu2 at
Tue Sep 4 21:33:47 CDT 2007

woodelf said:

> I don't want to see a 40 year nerd with no socks walking around ...
> Give me a 20 year old <censored> with no <censored> on making a quick dash
> instead. :)


> Would that be a standard system 4 RX01's?

I don't think so.  This system appears to be circa 1977, and my 
oldest DEC handbook is from 1981, so doesn't even describe the 
old short, 4-slot BA-11M box that houses the CPU.  But the 
handbook does describe a PDP-11/03 system with just the 
LSI-11 CPU, 8KW (16KB) and a single dual-drive RX01 storage 
subsystem.  That would obviously be 'reasonably' the minimal 
system possible, I suppose.

If you were a bit more willing to part with money, then you'd 
have an 11/23 CPU with one or even two RL01 5MB removable 
cartridge disks.  Woohoo, huge step up in storage capacity!  

- Jared

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