British Computers.

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Tue Sep 4 22:01:50 CDT 2007

Seriously though.a lecture plus demo of programming (next performance
Might enhance things a bit.


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Rod Smallwood wrote:
> So I can come along sit down and start knocking out some code then? 
> That might cause a crowd to collect. Then something dynamic.
> Line printers thumping away, Paper tape reader on a long loop.
> Tape punch doing a Woody Woodpecker. IBM 029 doing verify.
> Two security guys dragging me out of the building. 
> The visitors would love that!! 
> Rod
Well if you have  Hard Drives Dancing to music from the *DISCO* panel
lights, I am sure you would have I nice padded cell waiting for you as
Ben Alias Woodelf
PS.With Broadcast Band Valve Radio Blasting away the DISCO music from
the CPU,I guess the security just don't like music. :)

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