GALs and PALs (was Re: [Free] Old Data Books (Australia))

woodelf bfranchuk at
Wed Sep 5 13:45:11 CDT 2007

Chris M wrote:

>  So the benefits of pals/gals are not so much
> integration or a high degree of, but rather
> modification? You wouldn't want to, for instance,
> attempt a *reproduction* (of say a unobtainium piece
> of silicon) by using a bunch of galpals instead of an
>  How much does the typical programmer cost? Are they
> *easy enough* to build?

Most of the New Eprom programmers I have seen do GALS.
However the last crop of programmers are windows USB that
I have been looking around on the net. Atmel has a nice
CPLD programing kit for about $100 US. Most low end
EPROM programmers are about the same price. The only
reason I am not using the CPLD's is the PCB package
I am using does not have a 84 Pin PLCC thru the hole
Ben alias Woodelf
PS. The real reason is no round tuit's for the footprint
once I decide on the CPU instruction set.

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