D-shell sizes [was Re: Slightly rare Mac 512k with D(?)-25 connector]

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 5 12:11:04 CDT 2007

der Mouse wrote:
> Using pin count for that same pin spacing, the table is DA=15, DB=25,
> DC=39 (I think), DD=50 (three rows), DE=9.  The DE shell is also used
> in a 15-pin variant ("VGA"), but the pins are spaced substantially
> closer than in the DE-9.  DA is probably best known for peecee joystick
> connectors, but it also got used for AUI Ethernet back in the 10base5
> days, before even 10base2, much less 10baseT.

I tend to think of the shell sizes in terms of approximate finger widths as 
it's easier to relate to people compared to the semi-random Dx ordering :-)

Some NCD X Terminals had a DA26 connector - 3 rows of pins in a 'A'-sized 
(two-finger ;-) shell. I think some Cisco gear used to use the same connector.

Plus of course there are some weird designs out there in D-shells with a 
variety of pin sizes - e.g. 13W3 connectors for Sun/SGI video, and ISTR HP 
using something similar but with a smaller (DA?) shell size. (Also, weren't 
some Apollo token ring connectors something like a 5W2 on an DE-sized shell?)

There's some other weird stuff about too which uses D-type shells with round 
pins, but a much smaller form-factor (shell and pin diameters). I was going to 
give an e.g. but although I can picture such a line of machines in my head, my 
brain's refusing to put a name to them right now! I'm not sure if they ever 
got a D-type designation...



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