Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

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Wed Sep 5 12:46:35 CDT 2007

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> Chuck Guzis wrote:
> > If my memory serves, the first ports of Unix for
> the 80286 weren't 
> > for the PC/AT (i.e. earlier) and were for Xenix,
> not Unix (yes, I 
> > know, a minor quibble).  It was an odd
> arrangement--Microsoft was 
> > working on the utilities, etc. and Intel was
> working on the kernel 
> > code.  The whole affair seemed to take forever

 Do you mean like development systems? I'm not aware
of any pre-AT '286's - not saying there weren't any.
They seem to have less exposure then pre-5150 Intel
> Well once Intel gets the bugs out of the 80286 I am
> sure M$ will
> get the real programs like BASIC for Xenix. :)
> Did not Xenix follow the Small 8086 model - 64K data
> & 64K code?

 Dunno. Let's not forget - and here's where I get
tarred and feathered - early *servers* like the
Televideo Personal Mini and Northstar Dimension (both
sporting 80186's) for instance. They ran OEM versions
of Netware. Like UNIX internally - I can't really say,
but a lot of the utilitarian stuff was UNIXY at least.
 I have a PM/16t, but the disks are bad :(. Need them!
I haven't rigged a terminal up to it yet, so can't say
if the hd is loopy. I bet it is - ~235$ and all the
idiot used for packing was a couple of scraps of
newspaper. Got a line on a NS Dimension. Inoperable.
Don't know about software. I need these folks
 There was a *version* of UNIX specific to the NEC APC
III (was anything like it available for the APC
 I have Tanenbaum's first book, but it's in storage in
Pennsylhoma. Not quite sure when I'll be up that way,
but *possibly* it could be as early as this weekend
(no promises though). It's in great shape, but has a
razored spine. It's yours for the cost of shipping.
Sources included. Yay.

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