Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

Holger Veit holger.veit at
Wed Sep 5 13:48:49 CDT 2007

Chuck Guzis said:
> On 5 Sep 2007 at 10:15, Brian Wheeler wrote:
>> I don't suppose anybody knows where one would dig up old unixes for 8086
>> or 80286 based PCs?  Source would be a big bonus.  I've been playing
>> with the bcc compiler and the V7 source and just curious what "real"
>> ports looked like.
> If my memory serves, the first ports of Unix for the 80286 weren't
> for the PC/AT (i.e. earlier) and were for Xenix, not Unix (yes, I
> know, a minor quibble).  It was an odd arrangement--Microsoft was
> working on the utilities, etc. and Intel was working on the kernel
> code.  The whole affair seemed to take forever.

Long time ago I had 5.25" floppies for a Microport/286 Unix in hands,
later a 386 version of that. I think this was a real SYSV UNIX, not a
Xenix UNIX-lookalike. Must have been in the mid 80s, but eventually these
floppies got lost when the 386 and the various 386bsd and Linux
experiments came up. Unfortunately, this Unix died together with Microport
long ago, and not only I have lost the media set.



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