Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 14:16:51 CDT 2007

Dave McGuire wrote:
>> I have nothing whatsover backwards and kindly don't make assumptions.
>> I stated that the "G5" - the PPC970 family - is a dual-core POWER4;
>> given that I was talking to someone who claims good knowledge of the
>> POWER processors but seems not to be so /au fait/ with PowerPC, I did
>> not see any necessity to spell out that POWER4 is a quad-core design.
>> PPC970 also adds Altivec-compatible SIMD instructions to POWER, but is
>> a highly capable 64-bit implementation of POWER.
>   The PPC970 is a dual-core processor?  The one I'm typing this on 
> certainly doesn't seem to be.

Not all are, but they were available.  Still are, if you want to get an 
IBM Bladecenter JS20.  Just not in a Mac.

>> I'm not aware of much that modern PPC processers can't do that POWER
>> can, other than things intended for the support of legacy IBM OSs such
>> as OS/400 or zOS.
>   z/OS is a "legacy" OS?  Sure doesn't look that way to me.
>   Am I just blind today or something?

I was going to say something to that effect.  *sigh*

I believe MVS is selling/running on a greater number of copies now than 
it ever has in the past.

Also, in other messages in this thread, people have been saying stuff to 
the effect that pSeries and zSeries aren't architecturally all that 
different anymore.  Anyone who says that hasn't used zSeries hardware. 
That would be like saying that the Tandem NonStop S is similar to the 
SGI Indigo^2 because they're both based on MIPS R4400.  Or that the Cray 
T3E is similar to the Compaq Alphastation 1200 because they're both 
based on Alpha EV56.  Hogwash.

Peace...  Sridhar

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