Looking for BA23 "back door" & MicroVAX II memory interconnect cable

Josh Dersch derschjo at msu.edu
Sat Sep 8 02:51:13 CDT 2007

Hi all --

Title says it all -- I have a BA23 enclosure (soon to contain a MicroVAX 
II) that's missing the door that covers the card cage (not sure what the 
"official" name for this part is).  Right now all the patch panels for 
the console and ethernet are left dangling and I'd love to have 
something to anchor them to :).

I'm also looking for a memory interconnect cable to connect two M7609 
memory boards to the CPU, but I can probably build one of those myself 
if push comes to shove.

Anyone have these parts for sale/trade?

Thanks in advance,
- Josh

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