Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

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Sat Sep 8 09:19:32 CDT 2007

> Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 12:30:19 -0600> From: bfranchuk at> To: > Subject: Re: Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?> > Bernd Kopriva wrote:> > > Ahhh,> > i'm looking for this one for quite some years now ...> > ... even Steve dropped his own inventory some years too early :(> > That was the only Z8000 project I knew of. I wonder if it was> do to the fact the Z8000 could of had lots of hardware bugs nobody> could use it.> > Ciao Bernd
 I have an Olivetti M20 and it uses the Z8000. It doesn't seem to
have any bugs. It works just fine. It just isn't a 8086. In some ways
the Z8000 was much better than the 8086 but it just never caught on.
 Olivetti sold thousands of M20's and a few larger machines as well
using the Z8000.
 A lot of embedded machines use Z8000's as well. To my knowledge,
there were no specific bug problems related to the Z8000.
 The M20 was designed in Cupertino,Ca.
 M20's are rare here in the US but still relatively common in Italy
and Germany. A check of the Italian ebay shows about 3 or 4 a year.
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