Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?

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Sun Sep 9 10:04:30 CDT 2007

Er. I found this difficult to follow...

On 09/09/2007, dwight elvey <dkelvey at> wrote:

>  I had a chance to ask Faggin why he did finish the math coprocessor

You mean, "didn't"?

> for the Z8000's. He stated that the handwriting was quite clear.

(Z8000s. No apostrophes on plurals. Not even on numbers. None, ever.)

> The 8086 would soon dominate. I wasn't worth the effort to get the

"It wasn't"?

> math coprocessor working.
>  Other than the addressing, the Z8000 had a nice register arangement.


> It was much closer to a RISC than the 8086 ever was.

>  I still have a couple of NA2000 series boards. This was another National
> start and drop.
>  These has the 800 processor as dies on a PC board with other components.

("These have".)

I don't meant to nitpick - the corrections in parentheses did not
impede my comprehension. The ones outside them, though, *did*. I
suggest taking just a few more seconds over a post?

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