Portable PDP-11 (was Re: Does anyone use RT-11?)

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Mon Sep 10 13:54:24 CDT 2007

> >As for storage, obviously some flavor of FLASH is great for most
> >things.  CF is easy to interface to, and CF cards 1GB and smaller are
> >quite inexpensive.  MMC/SD are also inexpensive and even easier to
> >interface to, with a bit more work on the driver side to man the SPI
> >interface.
> None of the above for cost or availability reasons.  I'd opt for IDE
> using one of the many 40-500mb drives I have.

I believe converters for IDE to CF cards are pretty cheap, so if you have
IDE, you effectively have CF.

> You envision what sould like a Laptop.  I can't easily fabricate that
> but a toteable like Kaypro, Osborne and a few others is very doable.

You might want to look at some of the "Laptops" that others have built for
things such as the Amiga.  It might not be as difficult as you might think.

> The basic machine description is a 128kW using 32kx8 static parts (8pcs),
> Boot roms/ODT, MMU, two serial, parallel (PC conpatable for printer) 
> and IDE disk. Things like OS in Eprom have surfaced to my idea pool
> to consider especially if it were not RT11 (CUBIX influence).  Terminal 
> logic would be VK170 (base VT52 on a dual size card) and a monitor in 
> the 7-9" size.  
> Right now it's a static project from the build it perspective but 
> as new ideas surface and other projects supply different expereinces
> it morphs some.  What I'd have built say 6 years ago and noew would 
> be very different. It will eventually get attention as I have parts 
> stored away for it.  

Sounds fun.


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