Wang 300 Calc

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Sep 10 17:21:17 CDT 2007

> Now, imagine you'd bought a French computer. If the port was clearly
> labelled IMPRIMATEUR. Would that help you?

I thought it was actually 'Imprimante' but anyway...

> Probably not.
> What if it were clearly labelled in Russian? Or Arabic? Or Chinese?
> No bally use at all.

Yes it darn well is.....

There exist these wonderful things called 'foreign language dictionaries' 
that I cna look up said words in (and for the record, I have managed to 
use a Russian dictionary to =figrue out the repair manual for a Russian 
camera). Or, if I can't use, say., a Chinese dictionary, there are plenty 
of people who speak both Chinese and English and who could help me by 
translating the 'words' on the back of my machine.

The problem with the icons is that they're not universal. If I can't find 
the manual for whatever I am working on, there's no 'dictionary' I can 
look them up in. Finding a native speaker of the language of the country 
where the machine was made (or intended to be sold) won't help. 

I've had electornic devices with the connectors/controlls labelled in 
French, German, Russian, and problaby several other languages. None has 
caused me any problems -- unlike those darn icons.


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