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Mon Sep 10 22:45:04 CDT 2007

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> We've just acquired a Motorola Exormacs system, which is sadly without its 
> floppy drive cable (40 pins on the Exormacs side, 50 on the 8" floppy unit 
> (Exordrive III I believe). 
> I suspect the floppy side is just straight-through to the drives, but can 
> anyone confirm that, and does anyone know the pinout on the system unit side 
> of things? 
> Worst-case we'll have to reverse engineer it, but maybe someone knows (we've 
> got no floppies for the system and no useful manuals unfortunately) 
> cheers 
> Jules 

I have a Disk II here and the cable is 40 pin from the 
back of the drive to te controller card..
If needed it can open it up and see what happens inside.

The boot images are on Bit Savers  but not  set up yet. 
I have the URL if needed

Still working on the NCR's

- Jerry

Jerry Wright
JLC inc
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