Jaguar Blaster (was Re: Ancient 8086/80286 unixes?)

Jeffrey Armstrong jba at
Tue Sep 11 07:07:10 CDT 2007

> There was also an Atari Jaguar on an PCI card, Creative Labs' "Jaguar
> Blaster".
> They seem to be pretty thin on the ground though, I'd love to get 
> one....

The only mention I've ever seen anywhere of a Jaguar Blaster card is here:

Read some of the other items, and you'll soon get the idea that the 
stories aren't exactly true.

Actually, there was a Jaguar-on-a-PCI-card project called JagPC that was 
at least announced by Sigma Designs.  I don't think a prototype ever 
existed, but I could be wrong.  Jaguars were pretty good 2D pixel-pushers, 
and would have made a respectable graphics card for the time period.


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