[SPAM(date)] Re: PS/2 webserver

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 10:17:43 CDT 2007

George Currie wrote:
>>> Wow! A SCSI *printer*?! What on Earth is that?
>> It wasn't a odd choice in pre-USB, pre-Firewire prehistory.  If you 
>> need to move lots of data to a raster printer, SCSI was an option.
> True, sounds like Sridhar may have the same type of printer that I do.  
> It's a dye sublimation printer, what's cool about it (at least mine is 
> this way) is that it has a Sun SparcStation built into the printer!  It 
> has parallel, scsi, and ethernet interfaces.  It was designed to print 
> graphics images so you'd always be chunking large files over to it.  It 
> actually worked quite well and very good scaling algorithms (I have 
> printouts from my old <1megapixel camera that look as good printed 6x8 
> as many modern setups (does a very respectable job at 8.6x11 as well).  
> I believe mine have a SparcStation Classic internally.  You can hook up 
> a terminal to it's serial port and log into the Sparc.

Mine doesn't have parallel or ethernet and uses software running Linux 
as an outboard controller (the software runs on the aforementioned 
PS/2), but the concept is similar.

Peace...  Sridhar

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