EPROM programmer/readers

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 16:40:56 CDT 2007

On 9/13/07, Roy J. Tellason <rtellason at verizon.net> wrote:
> On Thursday 13 September 2007 01:42, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> > After putting it off for many, many years, I've decided to break down
> > and do it.  I'm in the market for a device to read and program
> > EPROM's such as would be found in DEC or Commodore 64 hardware.
> The c64 never used EPROMs,  only masked ROMs.  Though there were one or two
> aftermarket devices that would use 'em,  typically with an adapter.

Perhaps not _in_ the C-64, but there were plenty of cartridges and
peripherals that used EPROMs - typically the 2732 or 2764.


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