Recent acquisitions

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Sep 13 21:17:15 CDT 2007

Some ultra-rare laptops I picked up recently:
-          Teleram T-3000 with external disk drive and manual (1982)
-          MicroOffice RoadRunner (1982)
-          Dulmont Magnum with manual (1983)
What'd I spend on these?  Don't ask, or my bank account might revolt
against me.  :)
My collection of early laptops now includes, but is not limited to:
-          Grid Compass 1101
-          Teleram T-3000
-          MicroOffice RoadRunner
-          Epson HX-20
-          Grundy NewBrain model AD
-          Kyocera Kyotronic KC-85
-          Gavilan (eponymous.)
-          Dulmont Magnum
-          Sharp PC-5000
I'm currently borrowing a Casio FP-200 (1982) from a friend, and I own a
Convergent Workslate (1982/3), but I can't decide if those are large
handhelds or small laptops.  It is a dilemma!
Still looking to acquire a Sord IS-11 and a Xerox 1800 "Sunrise".

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