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On 13/09/2007, Tony Duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> > But there were other cheapo serial networks back then: Sinclair
> > bundled networking in the ZX Interface 1 for the Spectrum, which was,
> The SInclair netowrk, at least from what I've read in the QL service
> manual/schematics, was similar in consept to the serial port netowrks
> mentioned here. There was a 2 wirte bus (signal and ground) linking all
> machines, terminated by ressitors at eash end [1] All the machines
> monitored the siagnal wire, any machine could drive it (and by monitoring
> while it was driving it, it detected collisions).
> The termination resistors were built into all the machines, connected up
> using the 'break contacts' of the 3,5mm jack sockets (OK 'mini phone
> socket' across the Pond'. You connected a cable from one machine to the
> next, and the empty sockets on the 2 'end' amchines automatically
> connected the resistors to the network.

Thanks for that! Most informative.

> > I think, compatible with the networking of the later Sinclair QL. Also
> > there was Acorn's Econet, of course.
> >
> > I think Econet saw a *lot* of use tho' I've never seen a system
> Econet was available on just about all the Acorn computers -- 'Systems',
> Atom, BBC micro, Electron (? the Advanced User Guide for the Electron
> mentions it), ACW, Archimedes. I wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't
> available on the RiscPC too. Presumably it was used, or Acorn wouldn't
> have persisted with it.

It was an optional extra on the Archimedes range - the case cutouts
were there but you needs a small additional circuit board that plugged
onto the motherboard and carried the controller logic and ports.

For the RISC PC, I don't know. I imagine so. Possibly as a podule or
the same sort of thing as the older Archies?

> > outside of a show stand. I don't think enough Sinclairs got used in
> > schools to make the Sinclair network worthwhile.
> I've never seen it used.


ISTR I rigged up a test system once, just to try it, between my 48K &
128K Speccies. Only one I ever saw.

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